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Gypsy Heart - Original Oil on Board 8" x 10"


Back in the mid ‘90’s Dusti and I bought a piece of property in Meeteetse, WY that over looked the Greybuul River. It always reminded me of an old Gypsy Camp that was in dire needs of attention. Out at one corner of the property stood an old rotting barn that was leaning south about 30* so we tore it down before it hurt somebody (me or Dusti) and then salvaged the wood. After the barn was gone I thought it would be the perfect spot for a sheep herder’s wagon or maybe a converted Caboose or even what better than a Gypsy wagon…

During that same period of time I was commissioned to sculpt a life size statue of Jesus and help design a park for a children’s ranch in the Texas Hill Country. It ended up taking me almost 2 years to complete and because of that we thought it best to we sale our “Gypsy Camp”. The Meeteetse area has been a long time inspiration for my paintings as seen in this piece.


All originals come with custom frame and shipping in the US is included.

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