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Mike working on clay
Bronze is installed
july 13th front mike working.jpg
Photo close-up showing detail

The Apostle John

"In the beginning was the Word" 

John 1:1


“He’s an old man, this one who sits on the stool and leans against the wall.  Eyes closed and face soft, were it not for his hand stroking his beard, you’d think he was asleep. 


It's been sixty years, but John sees him still.  The decades took John's strength but they didn't take his memory.  The years dulled his sight but they didn't dull his vision.The seasons may have wrinkled his face but they didn't soften his love.  He had been with God.  God had been with him.  How could he forget? 


Suddenly, in his heart he knows what to do. The old fisherman unfolds the scroll and begins to write the story of his life."                     

Introduction to the Book of John

Max Lucado, General Editor

Copyright 1996   Word Publishing

Used by Permission


Bronze edition of 30      SOLD OUT


Jesus Wept

"Jesus Wept."  John 11:35

In 1999/2000, I had the extreme honor of creating a life-size sculpture titled "Jesus Wept" for a new children's home campus in Texas.  The project took about 16 months to complete and the life-size sculpture fountain was installed in April 2000.  This marquette of the sculpture was released earlier that year.  There are still a few of this edition left to be sold.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the marquette is donated back to the children's home.  


The photo on the far left is a marquette that was installed in an outdoor Prayer Garden in San Antonio.


Bronze edition of 30              SOLD OUT

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